Cobb Veterans Memorial - Cobb County Georgia
Cobb County Times Nov. 14, 1918

Veterans day: A Short History

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month of 1918 the Armistice took effect and what was to become known as World War I ended. One year later this Armistice was celebrated by the nation on the anniversary of this date and in 1938 would become a nationally recognized holiday called Veterans Day.  

Georgia contributed much to this war effort with over 100,000 serving or in support roles. It is estimated that more than 3700 Georgians died in the conflict. Cobb County was not spared casualties. On the front page of the Cobb County Times for November 14, 1918 where the Armistice was reported, four soldiers with ties to Cobb were reported to have perished in the fight.

Not only did Cobb pay in lives, the County contributed dollars in support of the United War Work Fund. On this same day in 1918, it was reported that over $6000 dollars was raised in Cobb County in one day, from a population of fewer than 30,000 citizens. While a modest amount in today’s dollars, $6,000 in 1918 would be worth $112,000 in 2020. 

Cobb County is, rightfully, proud of the service their Soldiers and their community has provided the Nation. This series will reflect on this deep history by drawing on the written, imagery and oral remembrances of those who have called Cobb a home or enjoyed its graces. 

This living history is dedicated to recording the story of why and for whom the Cobb Veterans Memorial is being built. Readers are encouraged to add their stories of service in the Comments. Help us build this Memorial as a dedication to service and a rich legacy for Cobb and the Nation.

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