Our history

In 2015 the Cobb County Commissioners had a vision to build a memorial for the veterans, and their families, as a way to help pay their respect for their service and sacrifices to this country.

Croft and Associates submitted a superb design for the Cobb County leadership to review. At that time, January 2015, a decision was made to select various military veteran leaders in the county to establish a Foundation that would work in partnership with Cobb County management in fulfilling this vision. In March 2015, the Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation was incorporated and began searching for an adequate site for the memorial as planned.  Over the course of several months several sites were evaluated and the original design plans were modified by the Board of Directors and Croft and Associates.

From the outset, the Board President Major General Jim Bankers (US Air Force Retired) made it clear to all that this memorial would be aimed at honoring all veterans, and their families, regardless of service branch, or war/conflict, or what they did in their service branch.  The spirit of the veteran is at the forefront of the memorial, and Croft and Associates have captured that central thread that runs through its design.

Location and Design

After reviewing several sites that the Cobb County Commissioners made available for consideration, the Board of Directors chose a site in Marietta that is adjacent to the Cobb Civic Center and the Aquatics Center, along Fairground Street, across the street from the old Lockheed Credit Union building.  This is considered a high vis-area, easy access to most and adequate parking already available.