Over 60,000 Military Veterans
in Cobb County

And no way to tell their story.

You can change that.

This Memorial will stand as a dynamic living tribute to say "THANK YOU" to ALL Veterans and their families for their willingness to protect and defend our great nation...


Create a sacred place of historical significance where future generations will be instilled with a sense of service, honor and dedication while remembering and reflecting on those who served.


The Cobb County Veterans Memorial will be a beautifully inviting park and transformational setting to the people of Cobb County, Georgia. Having a dedicated site, whose simple motto is to say “Thank You” to those who have served, will not only stand as a beacon to recognize the sacrifice of those who made freedom possible, but will inspire future generations to lives of service.


Our team is comprised of local community leaders with years of experience, expertise
and dedication to serve and honor our military veterans.


James Bankers

vice president

Shelley O'Malley


Donna Rowe


Dave Hambrick

Board Member

Curtis Williams

professional mgmt

Brian O'Malley

professional mgmt

Jim Croft

professional advisor

Mark Johnson

professional advisor

Bob Morgan

professional advisor

Robert Ott

executive assistant

kathy collar