Cobb Veterans Memorial - Cobb County Georgia
CVMF Leadership & Elected Officials

Fabulous Day for Freedom Riders

(Left to Right): CVMF Event Coordinator Patricia Hein, CVMF President Donna Rowe, Ron Goodbub, State Rep. Sharon Cooper, State Rep. Devan Seabaugh and son Zack Seabaugh, CVMF Event Coordinator Margie Medlin, CVMF Co-Chair Curtis Williams, Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, CVMF Legal Counsel Mark Johnson, CVMF Planning Committee Chair and Board Member Carl “Skip” Bell

Despite forecasts of rain, this past Sunday tuned out to be a fabulous day for Freedom Riders in the 1st Annual Freedom Ride organized by the Cherokee County chapter of the Wingmen Motorcycle Club and the Patriot Guard Riders. Attendees included CVMF leadership Donna Rowe, Patricia Hein, Margie Medlin, Mark Johnson, Carl “Skip” Bell and elected officials including Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, State Representatives Sharon Cooper and Devan Seabaugh. We are grateful for the beautiful weather and all of the people who turned out in support of the Freedom Ride and Cobb Veterans Memorial.

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