Tribute to Service

‘Tribute to Service’ Group seeks $3.5 million for veterans memorial in Cobb

MARIETTA — One year from today, the Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation aims to open what they say would be the county’s first monument to servicemen and women of the past, present and future.

Formed in 2014 by Commission Chairman Tim Lee, the foundation is composed of local community leaders who have served in the military and county staff. Its vision is a $3.5 million memorial to be built on about 2.5 acres along Fairground Street behind the Cobb County Central Aquatic Center, not far from the county’s Civic Center.

“The reason basically is to say, ‘Thank you.’ Veterans don’t often hear that, they don’t hear it often enough, and I think it’s time that we as a county step up and say ‘Thank you’ to all the veterans and all the families for their sacrifice and all of the things they do for us every day,” said retired Maj. Gen. James Bankers, who is serving as president of the foundation. (read more…)

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We are seeking donations from foundations, corporations, service organizations, small businesses, and folks like you who want to honor those who selflessly served our Nation.