Cobb Veterans Memorial - Cobb County Georgia

CVMF Welcomes New Council of Advisors

CVMF Board Member Al Cerqueda, Carrie Roeger, CVMF Board Member Ralph Roeger, CVMF Director of Development Tony Alexander, Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, CVMF Advisor Ed Asbury, CVMF Advisor Mr. Park, CVMF Board Member Bob Morgan, CVMF Board Member Carl 'Skip' Bell, CVMF Board Member Dave Hambrick, Gail Hambrick, CVMF President Donna Rowe

Last Tuesday evening, February 1st, The Cobb Veterans Memorial Foundation’s Board of Directors (BOD) held a Greeting Dinner at the Piastra Restaurant on the Marietta Square for the newly selected Council of Advisors. The Council of Advisors were chosen to provide guidance/advise to the current CVMF BOD regarding the designing and building of a proposed Veterans Memorial to be constructed on Fairground Street in Marietta.

The CVMF Officers, Board of Directors and Special Staff consisting of Donna Rowe, Dave Hambrick, Curtis Williams, Al Cerqueda, Bob Morgan, Ralph Roeger, Carl “Skip” Bell, Mark Johnson and Tony Alexander, along with wives Gail Hambrick and Carrie Roeger enjoyed a fine evening of Italian cuisine and drinks with the newly elected Council of Advisors consisting of  former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes, Cobb County Commissioner JoAnn Birrell, former Cobb County Commissioner Bob Weatherford, Cobb Community Foundation President Shari Martin, former Georgia State American Legion Commander Ed Asbury, Mr. Sunny Park and Mr. Kevin Marcy.

It was an excellent evening of comradery and enthusiasm which was integrated with an excellent presentation of the current status of the Veterans Memorial by the CVMF Director of Development Tony Alexander. The intent of the dinner was essentially a “meet and greet” asking the newly acquired Council to assist in networking and community involvement/awareness in the fundraising portion of the building of the iconic and historic memorial, so, it was a wonderful surprise when Mr. Sunny Park, upon his departure near the end of the dinner, made a substantial donation to building the memorial, which of course made the dinner even more joyous and successful.

Also, a special thanks to Margie Medlin and Patricia Hein for coordinating the very enjoyable and successful event.